Friday, December 7, 2012


So the roller coaster has yet to stop.  The last while it seemed to dip farther than ever before.  Almost more of a downward spiral.  I have to say that this whole experience has solidly entrenched how much I love and appreciate my family and friends, and the support that they are to me.  Sometimes, the only thing they can offer, is to listen while I vent or cry.  Even that is so valuable to me.  The help and advice have been great through this whole thing has been so precious.  I don't know if I say it enough, but I really love and appreciate you all.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

roller coaster year

It seams as though this year is one of constant ups and downs.  I previously mentioned that John was transitioning from one job to another.  That has been a rel adventure.  He started selling debit/credit card machines for one company, and found little success.  He then transitioned to another company, selling the same thing, with far more success.  John decided that it was not what he wanted to do long term, but might be the right place to be while he accomplished some of the things he wanted to over the summer.  A couple of weeks ago, that job changed drastically.  The change brought a real decrease to his ability to make sales.  while he has continued to make contacts, he has also had to start looking for other employment.  It was a journey that had us exploring many paths.  Some seemed like a good path, until we started to look at actually following them.  Then the feeling of uncertainty would set in, perhaps even fear.  Other paths seemed hopeful, and then started to look like they were not going to go anywhere at all.  It was really starting to affect the mental and emotional well being in our home.  When we were starting to feel somewhat like we were being pushed down a path that had turned less favourable in our opinion, prayer felt like to only thing left to lean on.  John  was blessed to have two jobs offered to him in the same day.  He has to make a decision where he wanted to go.  While we have not yet found the final landing place, we think that this job has the best potential to get him where he wants to be.  John is entering the construction field.  He hopes this decision will open some doors into the trades, more specifically that of electrician.  Ontario is not a trades friendly province, which makes it difficult for a middle aged man to start an apprenticeship.  Hopefully he will be able to make connections, and show his strengths in being an effective apprentice, and will find an electrician willing to take him on.
Another set of ups and downs relates to my business.  I have really learned that the blessings of the Lord will be poured out upon us.  I have also learned that I have to know my own limitations.  I started with a few contracts that were keeping me plenty busy, but had  more and more placed before me.  I had to bring others in to work with me, just to keep up.  I really had gotten myself in over my head, and learned several important lessons.  Firstly, I don't like having people work for me.  They stress me out.  Secondly, this kind of sewing is much more difficult for some people, than creating modern clothing.  Thirdly, I learned that it is alright to turn work away.  In fact, I learned that I must turn work away, to allow me to do the best job I can on the contracts I do take on.  I was very sad the day I turned down an opportunity to sew for the War Museum.  Luckily I was at the point in this roller coaster, where I had learned that I have definite limits.  This has been reenforced more than once in this process, with a few times of being ready to quit/give up.  The most important lesson I have learned, is that I have to find a happy medium between sewing and living.  I have a family who needs me, and I need them. 
The ups and downs continue, and we are trying to get through another ride on the roller coaster with our house.  It seems that exiting on roller coaster puts us in line for another one, without the option to take a break in between.  I just hope that the next one (after the one we are on) will have much gentler ups and downs.  These drastic ones all of the time, make it difficult to keep perspective.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I seem to always be slacking, when it comes to my blog. It is not that I am not doing anything, it is more often that I am so busy that I forget. I have been sewing like crazy, and trying to keep up with numerous orders. I even took pictures to show you what I have been up to. I finally transferred them onto my computer, and then tragedy struck. My computer crashed. I don't know how completely, but at this point I don't know if those pictures even exist anymore. I did manage to save several pictures, which were very critical that I not lose.

I have a very interesting order that I am working on. Our reenactment group has decided that they would like new regimental flags. Somewhere along the way, it was decided that I should do it. I do not completely understand how it happened, but I have the complete confidence of most of the men in the unit. This is a somewhat daunting task, as they are 6'x6' flags and hand embroidered. The Major made arrangements for a special trip for me, and he took John and I to the War Museum in Ottawa to see the originals. It was amazing to spend the time there. I was able to take detailed pictures and measurements of both flags, and they said they arrived here in 1811. I was there for 3 or so hours. The task the last few days, has been to project the pictures on the wall at full size, so I can make patterns of them.

All of this, is on top of three orders for Parks Canada, and several other orders for other groups. It is not that I am not interested in keeping you guys apprised of what we are up to, I have just been really busy. We think of you often.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The best turkey ever!

I know this is late, but this is about Thanksgiving. I have been wanting to cook a turkey in a pit for awhile now. We did it on Trek , but as a girl I was never involved with the actual pit, fire and cooking part. I have been trying to tell hubby that it would be fun to do at a reenactment, but he was extremely skeptical about how well it would work. He, however, is the one who decided we should do it for Thanksgiving. The afternoon got a bit hectic, so I only got pictures of the fire, and the pit after we buried the Turkey. I have however turned hubby into a believer. It was the best turkey I have ever cooked. add one more survival skill to my belt. We are even considering cooking turkey dinner for our entire regiment next thanksgiving, as the Americans always plan an event for that weekend.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Temple Blessings

We had a fabulous weekend! We had the opportunity to go to the temple on Saturday, and do some long awaited work. The time finally came (and then some), to do the work for John's grandmother. We also did the work for his mother's grandmother, and a child who died very young. It was a very spiritual, and long day (six hours) at the temple. We started with our neice being baptized for these three, and then confirmed. The day ended with sealing spouses and children together. I am so greatful that we live in a place where the temple is close enough to go to regularly.

Friday, September 2, 2011

ups and downs

The last two weeks have been full of ups and downs. I found out the painful way that I have an abscess tooth. It is no longer hurting or infected, but I find that I still have to be careful not to over stimulate the over sensitive nerve. I am now saving up, to get a root canal.
We went to Trenton, to our District Pioneer Days last Saturday. John and I were asked to do some cooking demonstrations. I was completely surprised to learn that they have a fire pit at their chapel. It is up the hill, at the back of the property, but I did not know you could do that. We were a complete hit. We made a pie, a stew and some fine cakes. They devoured them all. I borrowed clothes from our local fort, because none of mine were right for the time period. I curled the front of my hair in rag curls, and had several ringlets. We got asked a few times if we were supposed to be Joseph and Emma, so I guess we got the look right.
I am back to sewing, and realizing just how much work I have ahead of me. It is turning into quite the business. I have decided to start a new blog, focused on the sewing. We will see if I am able to keep it up. My new blog is

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Trials and blessings

So I recently wrote about how blessed I was to have such wonderful friends in my life. They really are the best. We pushed ourselves crazily hard, and managed to finish the order I had. The coats were delivered, and payment was received. I also had another order in the middle of all this, that had me pushing to dress 9 musicians. As I have been taking a break for a few days (my machine is in for servicing and my house desperately needed cleaning), I have found other struggles. I developed an abscess tooth over the weekend. I was nearly in tears as I wondered how I could possibly pay for this when I received word that the money for the musician coats came in. John's business has been slowing greatly, and I have found that I am being blessed with the ability to earn enough to make up the difference. It looks like we are in for a bit of a roller coaster as John transitions from being self employed, to working for someone else. The Lord is opening doors and providing a way to take care of ourselves as we make the transition. Now I have to keep myself organized, and keep moving forward on the orders still waiting for me.